Wreck and Cave was started in 2005 by Rich Walker, he is a full-time instructor with Global Underwater Explorers. Before that he was a scientist studying how blood flows around the body. Rich’s knowledge of physiology and physics gives him a unique position as a diving instructor.


Rich has been diving since 1991. He is a wreck diver and spends most of his spare time diving the wrecks around the UK. More recently he has become fascinated by the wartime wrecks around the Norwegian coast.  You’ll usually see Rich heading to Norway at least once a year.

Rich Walker only teaches courses from Global Underwater Explorers. GUE classes cover buoyancy, trim, equipment configuration, nitrox, oxygen, trimix, helium, decompression, teamwork and a host of other important topics. The quality of the GUE curriculum produces competent, confident and comfortable divers.  This is exactly what diving should be all about!

Rich offers GUE training in the UK and worldwide. He teaches Recreational, Fundamentals, DPV and Tech 1 & 2 classes. He has taught over 100 Fundamentals classes and 50 Tech 1 classes. Rich is also an instructor evaluator and takes a significant role in developing new instructors for GUE.  

He runs instructor training courses and instructor evaluations around the world. He sits on the Board of Advisors for Global Underwater Explorers.
GUE was formed by Jarrod Jablonski and gained early prominence in association with the success of its well-known Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP), which now has the status of a nonprofit affiliate of GUE. Jablonski, the president of GUE, promoted the ideas of "Hogarthian" gear configuration and the "Doing It Right" (DIR) system of diving to a global audience. Following the WKPP's introduction in 1995 of a standardised approach to gear configuration and diving procedures, there was a significant reduction in diving incidents within the Woodville Karst Plain cave system.

The standardised approach is the basis of the diver training program of GUE, marking an important difference from the programs of other diver training organisations. GUE also focuses on protecting the maritime environment. The most popular GUE course is GUE Fundamentals, which is designed to introduce the GUE system to non-GUE divers and is the pathway to technical courses. Further courses are offered in recreational, technical, and cave diving, as well as instructor courses. 

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