Not wanting to take away anything from any other guest - But this has to be my best episode yet! Chris Lemons the star of the Netflix film 'Last Breat...View Details

In this episode I share a brew with Tony Seddon. What a lovely guy he was to have a chat with. Thanks for the recommendation from previous guest Craig...View Details

Wreck and Cave was started in 2005 by Rich Walker, he is a full-time instructor with Global Underwater Explorers. Before that he was a scientist study...View Details

Expedition – Western Ecology Tour The UK’s marine environments are under more pressure than ever before. From the visible plastic pollution littering ...View Details

In this week's episode, I chat with my friend Caroline Robertson-Brown from Frogfish Photography. She's the deputy editor of Scubaverse, and author of...View Details

Talking to Julie Hartup about growing up in a conservative Mormon family in Utah, before ditching everything for a life in Guam studying the Mantas of...View Details

Talking to Mick Stewart, a multi-agency recreational and military commercial diver who works alongside less abled divers to allow them to have just as...View Details

Talking to Fiona Crouch from Natural England she talks about her life of working in Marine Conservation from New Zealand to Plymouth. She also discuss...View Details

Talking to Kristen Fassolas aka the Scuba Fitness Coach about the pitfalls of fitness training, how to motivate yourself to start and ways to improve ...View Details

In this episode I speak to Octavia Whates - She's a massive ocean advocate with infectious enthusiasm about what goes on along her local coastline. 🔴 ...View Details

Talking to the popular face of ocean advocacy on Instagram Charlie Young. Known by many names, she's working hard to influence girls to enter careers ...View Details

Talking to Ollie Putnam,he’s been diving all over the world working as an instructor and on a variety of conservation projects. Getting into filming u...View Details

Talking to Becca Dodds - Group Business Development Manager at Analox Group. Their story began in 1981 in a little office above a charity shop in Guis...View Details

Talking to Sara Banderby, she’s a cave and mine diver based in Sweden. Using her JJ-CCR and a variety of open circuit kit she tells me a variety of te...View Details

Talking to Brian Davies, he’s been diving for over 40 years, and most recently he coined the phrase “Scuba Tuber” with his live chats and videos on Yo...View Details

Talking to Craig Eley, he’s been diving for 15 years, completing almost 2000 logged dives and is a newly crowned member of the CDG. He started down th...View Details

Talking to Hugh Miller an underwater cameraman with a post-grad background in marine biology. He worked as a camera assistant for several years on pro...View Details

Talking to Chris Knight, a professional under and above the water photographer based in Windsor (UK). Although he did study it in college, photography...View Details

Talking to Rosie Bancroft, an advanced open water diver with SSI. She’s just quit her job at Manchester University to go and complete the dive master ...View Details

Talking to Stephan Whelan the Founder and Publisher of His passion for the underwater world started at 8 years-old with a try-dive in ...View Details

Welcome to this second season of the fancy a brew podcast. If you didn’t know me already I’m a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor, TDI CCR ...View Details

Talking to James Rogers, the head man at RAID UK LTD Over a brew we talk about how RAID has become one of the mainstream dive agencies leading the way...View Details

Talking to Donovan Lewis, a Marine Vertebrate Zoologist at Blue Planet Aquarium and Underwater Photographer and Blogger with Scubaverse. Over a brew w...View Details

Talking to Dr Rich Walker, from Ghost fishing UK, the well known charity that helps remove lost fishing gear that can often lead to unintentionally ca...View Details

Talking to Mike Bolton, the legendary treasure hunter, salvager, shark diver and underwater cinematographer better known as the Silent Hunter. Over a ...View Details

Talking to Nur Tucker, awarded the most promising British Underwater Photographer of the year 2020! Over a brew we chat about all thing’s underwater p...View Details

Talking to Ross McLaren one half of the popular 'Outdoors Ross & Rachel' persona on Instagram and Facebook. Over a brew we chat about working for ...View Details

Talking to Mark Wynne, the face behind the poular YouTube channel 'Blue Horizon Diving' Over a brew we chat about his life in Bermuda, working as a di...View Details

Talking to Beth and Elliot aka the Backpack Divers, she's aMarine Biologist and he's a Naval Clearance Diver. Over a brew they explain what they do fo...View Details

Talking to Jake, Lloyd and Ollie, the boys behind the new Underwater Wales series coming to YouTube in the very near future! Over a brew we talk about...View Details

Talking to Olivier Van Overbeek Raid Uk’s Training Director and Owner of Dive Life in Manchester. Over a brew Oli and I discuss commercial and instruc...View Details

Talking to Steve Davis the New Zealand based host of the Speaking Sidemount podcast. Over a brew Steve tells me about his love for wreck and cave divi...View Details

Talking to Josh Richards a cave diver from down under! Over a brew Josh tells me about how when not locked down due to Covid restrictions, he dives hi...View Details

Talking to Rick Stanley from Ocean Quest Adventures out in New Foundland that is steeped in marine life and history. Over a brew Rick tells me about t...View Details

Talking to Dr Lauren Smith and her dive buddy Chris Rickard about an important scientific discovery they’ve made and need your help to protect it! Gra...View Details

Talking to Robbie Schmittner the explorer of the Mexican Cenotes and adventurer who is responsible for some of the most notable contributions to cave ...View Details

Talking to Craig and Jim from the Dive Line Podcast about their recent river clean-up work. Over a brew they give me advice on the planning, preparati...View Details

This week I'll be talking to David Kennard from Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners from Pembrokeshire, Wales aka NARC. Over a brew David tells me abou...View Details

Talking to Jassen Jackman an extreme cold water diver, I learn more about diving in the Canadian North! Over a brew Jassen discusses the variety of fr...View Details

This week I'm talking to talking to Dr Alice Horton an Anthropogenic Contaminants Scientist at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton about t...View Details

Talking to Marc Payne an abalone diver and shark conservationist about his encounters with Great White Sharks  Over a brew Marc tells me about his clo...View Details

Talking to Andy Reid about his work with Fins Attached, a non profit organisation that conducts research, to promote conservation and provide educatio...View Details

Talking to Jim Elliot founder of Diveheart, a non-profit organisation the seeks to help less able bodied individuals get in the water and dive.  Over ...View Details

Talking to Nick Caldwell about travel and medical insurance cover for divers. Over a brew Nick tells me how often he see’s divers under or not insured...View Details

Talking to Dominic Robinson about his love for deep technical wreck diving. Over a brew Dom tells me about his work for the JSSADC, as BSAC’s chief te...View Details

Talking to Jake Davies a Marine Biologist and Videographer from Wales. Over a brew Jake talks to me about his passion to make videos about the Welsh ...View Details

Talking to Derek Marshall about his life changing Decompression injury. Over a brew Derek tells me how a relatively easy dive up in Scapa Flow ended i...View Details

Talking to Lanny Vogel about his amazing dive centre in Mexico called Underworld Tulum. Over a brew Lanny tells me how after a life in the Royal Navy ...View Details

Talking to Phil Short about his epic adventures as an underground and underwater explorer. Over a brew I ask speak to Phil about his long extreme time...View Details

In this episode I'll be talking to wreck junkie Aron Arngrimsson from The Dirty Dozen Expeditions about Truk Lagoon, Bikini Atoll and beyond. Over a b...View Details

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