Welcome to this second season of the fancy a brew podcast. If you didn’t know me already I’m a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor, TDI CCR MOD1 and HSE Professional Scuba Diver.

During the early lockdown periods of 2020 I was inspired to talk to fellow divers that might inspire me to take the plunge into different types of diving related subjects.

My interests lie in technical expeditionary diving, shark research and conservation and underwater photography so don’t be too surprised that they’re regular features on the show.

This is the second season of the podcast and a chance to meet more variety of divers from around the world that might influence you to venture to new horizons that you otherwise might not have known existed.

Over a brew my guests and I chat as we would on the back of a boat or during a surface interval about what makes them do what they do, how they realised their dream and most importantly – how they keep warm underwater!

Hopefully these long form interviews come across as light hearted and fun conversations between two divers that have known each other for some time.

I pride myself on the research and post production value of each episode which hopefully will keep listeners interested as much as the interesting conversation.

Starting the 1st February 2021 season two begins with each episode released on a Monday on all the usual podcast apps.

For more information and to keep up to date with releases follow us on Instagram where we run regular competitions supported by our sponsor Northern Diver International

Thanks for listening, don’t forget to subscribe and consider giving us a 58 review and I’ll see you on the next one!

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🔴 Tools I use: 
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Nauticam NA-EM1II Underwater Housing 
INON S2000 Strobes
NEEWER Slider and Tripod
GoPro Hero 4 & 8 
Bushnell HD Wildlife Cam
RØDE Shotgun Mic 
Audiotechnica ATR2100 Mic 
Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop 
Apple Final Cut Pro X 
Apple MacBook Pro 

🔴 The music I used in my video on license from https://app.soundstripe.com/

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