Talking to Mick Stewart, a multi-agency recreational and military commercial diver who works alongside less abled divers to allow them to have just as great a time in the water as anyone!

🔴 His Bio:
Mick has been a military and recreational diver for the past 25 years.  Starting his diving career as an Army diver with the Royal Engineers, he quickly took up recreational diving as a hobby to give himself the most opportunities to get in the water in both areas!
As a recreational diver, he has multi-agency diving and instructional qualifications, including BSAC instructor trainer, Diving for All and disability diving instructor and expedition supervisor for the military and he enjoys some of the more technical aspects of the sport.  As a military diver, he is a former Military Diving Instructor, an Army Diving Supervisor and is currently the Army’s senior diving operator, responsible for the safe underwater engineering operations of twelve Army dive teams.
With a keen interest in providing diving for all, he has a passion for adaptive diving techniques and training and delivered the very first “BattleBack” diving training to wounded and injured service personnel as part of their recovery pathway, many of whom are now instructors in their own right.  The challenge of working together with an individual, to adapt skills and drill to suit their needs never gets tiring.  He is always learning – what works for one person does not always work for the next! He is currently refreshing the BSAC Diving for All package to make it even more accessible to those who wish to take up the sport.
Living on the Moray Firth, his diving career has taken him worldwide, working dives in Afghanistan and Iraq clearing bridges, search and recovery tasks and a near-deployment to Beiruit to re-establish the port post a devastating explosion have been particular highlights, with Scapa Flow, Skye, Portsmouth the Maldives, South Africa and Egypt as memorable recreational trips.
He does not have a favourite speciality  - with night, wreck, reef, UK and warm water diving competing for the top spot – though he does have a particular attraction to sharks, rays and dolphins!  Mick has confessed he would get pleasure from diving in a bath, as long as he’s underwater… Fortunately his wife Louise, an exceptional instructor herself, also shares his diving passion.

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