In this episode, I chat with Vicky Burton about the 18 months she's been a Scuba Diver through a PADI dive centre Stellar divers. Her interest in underwater photographer and marine life. Over a brew, we discuss her discovery of 'Girls that Scuba', the support they offer women which includes trips abroad.


After being a mum and running a business, Vicky learned to dive just a couple of years ago, to allow her to explore the underwater world on her travels to more than 30 countries. She then took up underwaterphotography and shares these experiences with her 15,000 followers of social media.


Grab yourself a brew and listen to her insightful and exciting story.


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✅ “Fancy a brew?” a Scuba Diving inspired chat over a brew about life, adventure, mental and physical resilience and determination to succeed in the sport we love.


✅ The podcast where I’ll be talking to those who influenced me as a diver, about their incredible experiences and how they found mental and physical resilience, whilst devoting their lives to Scuba Diving. These will (hopefully) be insightful and exciting discussions about people taking on scuba diving and its challenges, and how they came out the other side stronger through finding inspiration in connecting with nature’s underwater world.


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