Talking to Donovan Lewis, a Marine Vertebrate Zoologist at Blue Planet Aquarium and Underwater Photographer and Blogger with Scubaverse.

Over a brew we chat about what it takes to look after so many exotic marine animals and how he blogs and photographs them.

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Donovan is an Underwater/Wildlife Photographer who has been enthralled by the Natural World since he was a child. A passion that has continued throughout his life.

His passion lies within the Marine World and he's obsessed with Sharks, Donovan wants his work to help people view them as misunderstood animals and a polar opposite to what they're known as in popular media.

Donovan currently works as a Shark Diver at Blue Planet Aquarium where he takes people Diving with the Sharks and uses his platform to help educate the general public on conservation issues facing our Natural World.

Donovan's future Goals are to one day be able to use his passion and keen interest in Conservation to be a Cameraman for nature Documentaries for the likes of BBC or National Geographic.

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