Talking to Jassen Jackman an extreme cold water diver, I learn more about diving in the Canadian North!

Over a brew Jassen discusses the variety of fresh water, cold water dive sites he has access to, what configurations he uses to overcome the cold and how diving doesn’t have to stop just because the water gets cold! 

Grab yourself a brew and listen to his interesting story. 

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✅ “Fancy a brew?” a Scuba Diving inspired chat over a brew about life, adventure, mental and physical resilience and determination to succeed in the sport we love.

✅ The podcast where I’ll be talking to those who influenced me as a diver, about their incredible experiences and how they found mental and physical resilience, whilst devoting their lives to Scuba Diving. These will (hopefully) be insightful and exciting discussions about people taking on scuba diving and its challenges, and how they came out the other side stronger through finding inspiration in connecting with nature’s underwater world.

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