Talking to Jake Davies a Marine Biologist and Videographer from Wales.

Over a brew Jake talks to me about his passion to make videos about the Welsh coastal marine environment in the Welsh language. We also cover the HSE Professional Scuba Diver course, Rebreathers, his work being featured on the BBC's One Show and Discovery Shark Week.

Grab yourself a brew and listen to this interesting story.

🔴 More about my guest:
Jake is qualified as a HSE Professional Scuba diver for scientific and media purposes. Recreationally qualified as a BSAC Dive Leader he dives regularly dive as part of the Llyn Sub-Aqua Club.

Jake has assisted with a variety of surveys from Seagrass monitoring to invasive species. In 2017 Jake was successfully awarded a Sea-Changers Grant to run 'Dive Into Monitoring: Seagrass' with SeaSearch North Wales. The surveys aimed to gather updated information on the Seagrass bed in Porthdinllaen with volunteer divers and local dive clubs. 

As a media diver, Jake has worked as part of the dive team (Marine Ecosol) filming for BBC Wales Hidden Wales with Will Millard (Lazerbeam Productions & Folk Films).

Footage which Jake has filmed off the Welsh Coast, as well as the Canary Islands, has been featured for a variety of BBC programmes including an episode of Countryfile where he was interviewed about the Seagrass in Porthdinllaen, Wales along with the rest of the Project Seagrass team. 

Jake is creating a catalogue of 360 VR clips for a range of marine species and habitats to provide immersive and engaging experience for viewers. 

He is also the Project Coordinator for 'Angel Shark Project: Wales' which aims to better understand the critically endangered Angelshark off the Welsh Coast. He is also a Project Leader on a Save Our Seas Foundation Project to pilot the initiative of testing Baited Remote Underwater Video Cameras (BRUVs) to help better understand Angelsharks in Wales and the Canary Islands. November 2019 Jake visited Cape Town to the Shark & Marine Research Centre as a visiting researcher to find out more about the shark research using BRUVS as well as visiting the SOSF Shark Education Centre. 

Through sharing underwater videos and photos of amazing and unique wildlife/habitats that are found beneath the waves along the Welsh Coast as well as abroad Jake hopes to inspire people to go beneath the waves and making the underwater world more accessible for all. 

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