Talking to Autumn Blum creator of  Stream2Sea ocean friendly cosmetics, a technical diver and underwater photographer.


Over a brew, Autumn tells me about how she’s managed her Stream2Sea company through the covid crisis as well as her love for the ocean. 


Whilst most countries have been testing cosmetics on animals for years and have built up a significant amount of data on what will hurt us, most have stopped doing this practice and even outlawed it. Very few have done any testing on their products effects on marine life. 


After seeing an oil slick like coating in the water coming from two snorkellers covered in sun screen, Autumn decided to concentrate her skills towards ocean / reef safe products we can all use.


Many brands are claiming to be reef safe.  And as much as we like the shift towards safer products, they are still the only brand that they know of that’s done real testing to prove safety for freshwater fish, saltwater fish and coral larvae.


If you're interested in any of her Stream2Sea products you can get them through this link Stream2Sea: Use coupon code: 'AndytheND' to get 10% off each purchase!


Grab yourself a brew and listen to her interesting story.


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Use coupon code: 'AndytheND' to get 10% off each purchase

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