In this episode, I chat with Sarah Richard the founder of the 700k strong network Girls That Scuba. Over a brew Sarah talks about what inspired her to start the movement, how it unifies women and gives them a safe forum to talk about issues that affect them in diving.  She goes on to discuss her life of adventure spent travelling to far flung destinations and how we should all do our bit to reduce waste and the purchase of single use plastics!


From the GTS website: "Girls that Scuba is a community of inspiring women who are passionate about scuba diving. We range from the scuba instructor, the beginner, the never-put-on-a-scuba-mask, to the full-time ocean activist, and everyone in-between. Our mission is to encourage, educate and introduce more and more women to scuba diving while empowering the ones among us that are already addicted. You've heard of girl power but have you heard of Girls that Scuba power?"


If you want to hear all the details, grab yourself a brew and listen to his insightful and exciting story.


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